Operated under Blue Mountains City Council
Blue Mountains Family Day Care Mission Statement Our vision Is that through their experiences in Family Day Care every child will reach for their full potential.
Our mission Is to empower educators to deliver high quality, safe, home based child care through: ADVOCATING for the rights of the child and for Family Day Care as a high quality child care and education choice for families ACCEPTING the diversity and difference of each person we work with be it educator, child or family SUPPORTING educators in the delivery of their service ENCOURAGING professionalism and ongoing professional development HONOURING the rich diversity that exits among Family Day Care homes ACKNOWLEDGING the contributions of educators and staff to the continual improvement of the service as a whole COLLABORATING with families, educators and the community to achieve the best outcomes of children
We believe * In respecting the rights of every child * That the foundation for a child's learning and development is laid down in the early years * In the significance role play has in a child's learning and development * In embedding the techniques of Marte Meo in our practice of relationships * That a child's journey through life is enhanced by the positive relationships they experience during early childhood * That Family Day Care is the ideal care and learning environment for children and best meets the varied needs of families
We value * Professional, meaningful and authentic relationships with children, families and educators * The important role Educators play in the lives of children and their families * The whole child as an individual and as part of their family unit and the broader community * Quality, family home-based care * A strengths based approach to all aspects of working with educators, families and children * Professional and ethical behaviour * The rich diversity and individual strengths within Family Day Care * Spiritual, emotional and physical well being * Each educator's own family * Social justice and equity * Flexibility and openness to change