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Blue Mountains Family Day care offers a range of childcare options, depending on your circumstances. Long day care Occasional care before and after school care weekend care vacation care shift work hours emergency or respite care In-home care
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In-home Care In-Home Care is for families who cannot access mainstream childcare. Parents/guardians eligible for in-home care can access a professional child care worker to operate in the child's home. Government subsidiaries such as CCB and CCR are accessible to families using in-home care. Blue Mountains Family Day care is the sole operator for in-home care in our region. Criteria for Families requesting In-home Care
Have no access to existing childcare services The child has, or lives with another child who has an illness or disability The child’s guardian (or guardian’s partner) has an illness or disability that affects their ability to care for the child The child lives in a rural and remote area The work hours of the child’s guardian (or guardian’s partner) are hours when no other approved childcare service is available The child’s guardian (or guardian’s partner) is caring for three of more children who have not yet started school.  Are you eligible for in-home care? To find out please contact our office on (02) 4780 5280 Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.00pm
NOTE: In-home care applications are subject to approval via The NSW Family Day Care Association, and are dependant on educator vacancies. Interested in becoming an educator through in-home care? We would love to hear from you. Please contact us today